Important Update – PSA test is in!

I mentioned in the last post that I would be getting confirmatory blood tests following my wonderful pathology report. I’m writing today to confirm the following:

For those who can’t read the Polish, this is the PSA level, 0.023. Going into surgery, I knew that I would need to get a result below 0.2 (so I’m 10 times below) and that this was the main reason for surgery over other treatments. So, the bottom line – cancer free!!

I’m still not sure I’ve fully comprehended this nor am I celebrating in the face of 3 month regular checks. But, it was certainly good news and allows me to focus more on general health and well-being. I’m excited about that.

To report on my general health, I can confirm my new weight is now stabilized within the normal range. Thanks to those who have noticed and given me a thumbs up at my svelt appearance. I’m still building strength and, for those who have asked, I have described my general status as 90%. That last 10 will take more work and focus. That might initially be hard since I’m back at work full time and engaged in a 30 million renovation project. 1006 students, and war continuing to rage in the east. Life is never dull.

But, for the moment, I’m enjoying the reduction of fear having dodged the c-bullet for the moment. I can live with the consequences as I continue to heal. Feeling my age is far better than feeling lost and uncertain. I can LIVE with aging. 😉

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