Welcome to Zurfluh Central! This is the latest iteration of our family sharing site. Old material has been offloaded to a localized site on the home network. It’s not regularly available as it lives on a home computer in a developer environment on Homebrew. That can lead to some crashing on occasion.

Will be filling more of this site in due course. Particularly working toward uploading some of my work under COVID, living in a foreign country and watching my kids become in different corners of the globe. Maybe I’ll even get them to contribute in their own unique ways.


New Zurfluh Family central authority. Will keep this site up to date as possible with family news and insights. Key sites of family involvement listed here:


Mother’s Day 2021

Hard to imagine another Mother’s Day is here and almost gone. As tradition holds, breakfast was delivered in bed to include waffles bacon and scrambled eggs, orange juice on the side. I’ve come to enjoy these Sunday mornings each year despite the fact that we are now empty-nesters. It was nice that the sunshine bathed …


Should be more encouraged by resilience in the most difficult of times, but instead very depressed and dejected at the complicated and daunting situation in Poland and Europe right now. A bit of good news was a picture of the property sent by friends across the water. Uplifting to know, 1) that we will be …


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The Zurfluh are currently:

Emily and Jon: Warsaw, Poland

Erin: Florence, Italy

Jaisen: Tacoma, WA, USA

You can reach us via info@zurfluh.net