Continued Recovery

I’m sitting in the cafeteria, soaking up the youthfulness of the room and using the last few minutes to drop an update on the table. Only here for now rather than Facebook or elsewhere. Now over 8 weeks post surgery and still taking baby steps after the initial blessings of getting past the hard part and the joy of test results.

The more difficult parts now are longer term in nature. The diet goes well with high vegetarian dishes pushing us with only the occasional meat. That is working well to keep weight in check, which will surely pay dividends. Pathology reports aside, the issue now is wellness and some remaining post-surgery issues that are common under prostate surgery.

I have another UTI that Re-emerged last week. These seem to be hard to shake as this is my third and makes more deliberate exercise and revitalization difficult. As a result, there is still some challenge with leakage (not very much) and general strength, which is still making me feel weak at times. I want to swim or do more advanced pace on tread, but this all seems to be on hold until I’m UTI free and 12 weeks out. This include restrictions of not being able to get massage or other Physio treatment. So, I’m on a track to October before I can ramp anything up beyond daily walking,

That makes things depressing at times and I notice my mood swings. It’s nice having the weight off, but despite good sleep, still isn’t adding the vigor I had hoped for after the cancer free declaration.

I knew from outset it would be long process, but as the time ticks, I struggle a bit. Horizon warm and inviting, but still hazy and unclear.

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