Croatia and feeling better

The last few weeks have been a bit daunting in terms of work demands, but it seems I’ve finally shaken the last of the UTI and feeling much better. I’ve noted in recent days that the small incontinence seems to be waning, but I think some therapy and pelvic floor exercises are on my horizon.

We did a first exercise session with Or Hever at SenseMed last weekend. He was nice enough to do a Sunday session for us and oriented us while getting the overall plan together. Emily and I are working with them as an organization for a holistic approach, with planned joint Pilates sessions and other therapy. SenseMed is a one stop center for exercise, therapy, nutrition advice and wide range of other services. I’ve had an intake appointment with an Oncologist and they are developing a full plan. Already part of a private WhatsApp group as well as one with my wife that we titled MetaMorphosis. Truly looking ahead and finding a better place for ourselves. I was quite sore after the workout, but didn’t phase my yoga fanatic hardly at all. Definitely needed a vacation and so, we are here for the week:

Split, Croatia
Hotel Landing Refreshments

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