Pathology Report is In

Time for an update on the health situation. Got the call this morning on the three-week pathology report. Dr. Salwa very happy to confirm that the tumour was fully contained in the prostate with clean margins and there was no sign of any cancer in the lymph nodes!! This is the best news possible and means no further treatment other than continued recovery from the surgery. We check in again in 3 weeks to confirm that PSA is now less than 0.2 and I’m officially in the clear with regular 3-month checks of PSA level.

It’s been quite the journey and he cautioned that recovery is still additional weeks ahead of me. But, all results so far, other than the UTI last week, have been good. Antibiotics resolved the UTI and I continue the recovery process with longer and more regular walks. Also starting to re-engage with some work on a transitional schedule and ready to return, I believe, in August.

Appreciation again to everyone out there keeping us in their thoughts and prayers. I have no doubt that this is key to continued recovery and the incremental good news reports. Many thanks from both Emily and I!!

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