Mother’s Day 2021

Hard to imagine another Mother’s Day is here and almost gone. As tradition holds, breakfast was delivered in bed to include waffles bacon and scrambled eggs, orange juice on the side. I’ve come to enjoy these Sunday mornings each year despite the fact that we are now empty-nesters. It was nice that the sunshine bathed us as we lumbered out of the apartment mid-morning to take a long walk with the dog. Found our way to the back roads and a walk through a plowed field along Kulturi Park boundary and one of the many growing areas that are still in the surroundings of this suburban/rural area of Warsaw. The dog was happy to be off leash and Emily relished the sunshine on our backs and the warmth that remained despite the lightly blowing wind and moderate temperatures.

We chanced upon a bicyclist and his wife with their sleeping baby in tow in the carrier caboose and couldn’t help but remember the many years that we had our own two children in a similar one trekking through Washington and Shanghai.

It was a lazy but busy morning. One to remember. Kids scattered around the world, but our family Facetime call at 4:30p followed by virtual church with our friends/family at Mount Cross. Trying to decide if Emily gets another breakfast in a couple of weeks for Mothers Day II – the Polish version. Not sure if it is fair that she gets to double dip like this.

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